Private Jet Charters to Los Cabos, Mexico

Avoid the hassle of busy commercial airport terminals and fly to Los Cabos in luxury on a top-notch private jet. Jet charters afford you incomparable schedule flexibility, amenities and comfort.

We provide our clients access to the sizable fleet offered through Bird Dog Jet. All jets are immaculately appointed, skillfully maintained and flown by expert FAA authorized pilots who are thoroughly screened and to ensure the highest standards.

Our professional team will discuss your preferred itinerary and needs to plan a personalized flight for you and your guests.

A Selection of Our Luxury Jets
Very Light Jets

Formerly known by the term microjet, this is a group of small jet aircraft permitted for single-pilot operation, accommodating 4-8 people, with a maximum take-off weight of less than 10,000 pounds (4,540 kg).

Passengers (Comfy): 4
Average Speed 390 MPH
Average Range 1,000 Miles

Light Jets

Light jets have been fundamental to the corporate jet industry from the arrival of the Learjet 23 in the 1960s, delivering access to smaller airports as well as the velocity essential to being an efficient aircraft.

Passengers (Comfy): 6
Average Speed 430 MPH
Average Range 1,000 Miles

Mid-Size Jets

These aircraft are appropriate for bigger passenger capacities and for longer-range luxury flights including transcontinental travel.

Passengers (Comfy): 6
Average Speed 450 MPH
Average Range 1,800 Miles

Super Mid Size Jets

Offering wide-body cabin space with plenty of room for a comfortable flight, these jets boast speed, high-altitude flying capablities and transatlantic ultra-long range.

Passengers (Comfy): 8
Average Speed 490 MPH
Average Range 3,100 Miles

Large Cabin Jets

Perfect for lengthier flights lasting five (5) or more hours, spacious large cabin private jets boast plenty of room for your group to enjoy a comfortable flight.

Passengers (Comfy): 10
Average Speed 490 MPH
Average Range 5,000 Miles

Heavy Jets

While this is the priciest category of private jet charter, it delivers the maximum amount of capacity and robust capabilities. Contact us for more information on features and passenger capacity.

Average Speed 520 MPH
Average Range 8,000 Miles